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Well, firstly, welcome – we are delighted to have you here. To understand what we’re all about the best place to start is here.

Why are there ads on this website?

When browsing The Wilder Route, you will come across advertisements provided via third-party providers. Whilst we endeavor to keep advertisements & their placement in positions that will not hinder your experience on our site, we appreciate that advertisement for some can cause minor annoyance. Please be aware serving advertisements to you, provides us with an income that allows us to continue to bring you van life, travel, adventure & nature-filled content.

How do you live & work on the road full-time?

We have created multiple income streams that allow us to work & adventure wherever we choose. Visit working on the road for more information & tips from us.

I love your website, who designed it?

Happy you asked, we did. As well as The Wilder Route we are co-creators of The Green Thread which provides inspired digital marketing to small businesses who span across the globe. If you’d like to chat about your own digital marketing needs please email us at [email protected]

What's it really like to live in a motorhome?

It’s an alternative lifestyle that certainly isn’t for everybody but for us, it works – albeit not always perfectly. Here you’ll find the answers to a load of questions that our community has asked us providing practical & honest advice for anyone looking to start van life.

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An affiliate link is a link to a product or service that we recommend – if you click from this site through an affiliate link & proceed to purchase the product or service then we may make a small commission. This commission helps with the costs of running this website, results in no extra cost to you & allows us to continue to bring you van life, travel, adventure & nature-filled content. Everything you read comes from our own experience. We only work with & recommend brands that we are passionate about & services that we have tried & love.

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